From Start year 1996 to Present JFMP works on bringing changes on Poor and needy people around the globe. We have shared our profits and good amount of time to help these foundations to help others. When you go extra mile in helping others you will see the changes you make in people’s lives. $10 makes a big difference in the life of a 5yr – 10yr old kid for he or she to get some education. So join with us to help these foundations so that they can help others.

Charities in list:

  1.  Hopefoundation
  2. Thebanyan
  3. SOS Children’s Village Chennai
  4. Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust
  5. Christian Missions Charitable Trust
  6. World Vision of India
  7. The Salvation Army(India)
  8. Home of Faith – Christian Charty.
  9. Rotary Institute For Children In Need Of Special care(Kerala)
  10. Helping Hands Organisation