Technical Production Management(TPM)

JFMP, Inc. provides technical production management from the beginning to the end of your event. From Day One onwards you will be given a point of contact who will work closely on your production even after the event has passed. Our team of experts works alongside media groups and event planners worldwide, bringing the best knowledge in the business to your event. We know that cost can be a concern and our staff is committed to staying within your budget without reducing the quality of your presentation.

Support is always available with our dynamic highly skilled staff. Stage Right, Inc. provides full labor for each project, meaning our team members will be at your event and ready to assist should there be any on-site program modifications or a technical glitch.

Sample technical production management services include:

  • Input Sessions
  • Equipment Specifications and System Design
  • Venue Inspection and Surveys
  • Cost Estimates, Quoting and Budgets
  • Experienced av technical production manager

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